The benefits


Daily supplements of Grizzly Salmon Oil will support the overall health of your dog or cat. The first noticeable result will be healthy skin and a shiny coat!

A strong heart and long life

Grizzly Salmon Oil provides a range of different omega-3 fatty acids, including the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. As dogs and cats age, they face an increased risk of heart problems, stiffening joints, and loss of zest and vigor. These health risks can be reduced by a diet consistently supplemented with the readily accessible, long-chain omega-3 fatty acids found only in cold-water fish oils such as Grizzly Salmon Oil. These omega-3 fatty acids are essential building blocks that all dogs and cats need to maintain a balanced metabolism. Scientific studies also show that these fatty acids help to support the immune system.

How do I use Grizzly Salmon Oil?

Grizzly Salmon Oil helps keep your dog's or cat's skin healthy! Healthy skin generally results in less itching and less shedding. The condition of your dog's or cat's skin and coat is influenced by the contents and balance of fatty acids in its diet. The ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids is important for avoiding degenerative conditions such as hot spots, a dull coat and inflamed, dry and itchy skin.
Scientific research supports the optimum ratio of fatty acids in the range 1:3 to 1:6 (omega-3:- omega-6).
Grizzly Salmon Oil has a ratio of approximately 9:1 (omega-3:omega-6) and is thus ideal for bringing the commonly seen ratios in generic and premium dog food and cat food of between 1:10 and 1:20 into line with the target ratio of around 1:5.

Average dog food has a ratio of 
1 part omega-3 fatty acids to 10-20 parts omega-6 fatty acids.
1: 15

Grizzly Wild Salmon Oil has a ratio of  
9 parts omega-3 fatty acids to 
1 part omega-6 fatty acids.
9 : 1

Grizzly Wild Salmon Oil combined with average dog food gives your dog the optimum balance of   
1 part omega-3 fatty acids to
5 parts omega-6 fatty acids. 
1 : 5

The omega-3 fatty acids also help counteract the negative effects of allergic dermatitis by producing specific eicosanoids, which are known to reduce and control skin inflammations. Regular use of Grizzly Salmon Oil contributes to a lustrous, shiny coat and gives your dog or cat the appearance of overall good health.

Rich flavor that dogs and cats love!

Grizzly Salmon Oil has the scent of the ocean and the rich taste of fresh fish. Most dogs and cats will love this rich taste from the very beginning. You may even notice a healthy "addiction" to Grizzly Salmon Oil!

are important for your pets well-being 

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