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Why should I supplement my dog or cat food with Grizzly Salmon Oil?

To give your dog or cat proper nutritional elements that may lead to a longer and healthier life! Many vets maintain that dogs and cats generally do not live out their life expectancy today, mostly due to a lack of proper nutrition. In fact, many dogs only reach half their life expectancy!
All dogs can benefit from using Grizzly Salmon Oil on a regular basis. You should start supplementing your dog or cat food today with Grizzly Salmon Oil because prevention is better than the cure. Doesn't your best friend deserve a long, and healthy life?

What makes Grizzly Salmon Oil such a special supplement?

This all-natural salmon oil provides the healthiest version of omega-3 fatty acids only found in certain cold-water fish oils. Like wild carnivorous animals, your dog will benefit much more from Grizzly Salmon Oil than from fatty acids of vegetable origin such as those found in many fatty acid supplements.

I'm already using a pet food supplement. Why should I switch to Grizzly Salmon Oil?

Most dog and cat food supplements contain about three times too little omega-3 fatty acids, and some products contain up to 10 times too much omega-6 fatty acids. In other words, for your dog or cat to receive the right amount of omega-3s, you would have to use three times the amount of supplement you currently use! This would not only become extremely expensive, it would also result in an unhealthy amount of omega-6 fatty acids, which could result in health risks for your dog or cat. Grizzly Salmon Oil delivers a very high amount of omega-3 fatty acids to balance the dog or cat food's omega-6 fatty acids. By switching to Grizzly Salmon Oil, you will be providing your dog or cat with important life-giving nutrients in a convenient, easy-to-use and affordable way!

How do I know if my dog or cat will benefit from Grizzly Salmon Oil?

Feed-back from pet owners indicates great satisfaction when Grizzly Salmon Oil is used for a variety of different reasons such as:
a. General signs of aging, including stiffness, arthritis, loss of zest for life.
b. Generally poor skin condition.
c. Negative skin reactions to fleas and other parasites.
d. Excessive shedding and lack of coat luster and shine.
e. Recommended by vets for specific recovery purposes.
f. Owner wants to be proactive in safeguarding their dogs or cat's health!

What if my dog or cat does not want to eat Grizzly Salmon Oil?

Grizzly Salmon Oil has the scent of the ocean and the rich taste of fresh fish, which most dogs and cats like right away. If your dog's or cat's diet has been consistent for a long time, it might need to be introduced to the new taste gradually. In this case, we recommend that you use smaller amounts of Grizzly Salmon Oil over a period of several days. Once your dog or cat has become acquaited with this new and natural taste, you can expect it to exhibit a certain level of healthy addiction.

How much Grizzly Salmon Oil can I put on my dog's or cat's food?

Dosage levels are stated on the label so that you can give your dog or cat the proper amount of Grizzly Salmon Oil. Also, don't put Grizzly Salmon Oil on more food than your pet will eat in a day because Grizzly Salmon Oil is all-natural and contains extremly valuable and highly reactive fatty acids, that will benefit your dog or cat. Leaving Grizzly Salmon Oil on your dog's or cat's food for an extended period of time may cause the highly reactive fatty acids to be oxidized by the air. This will result in less valuable, partly saturated fatty acids and you will notice that the oil loses its fresh, pure scent. This will happen over several days and is proof that Grizzly Salmon Oil has a high content of natural, unaltered polyunsaturated fatty acids such as DHA and EPA.

Can my puppy or kitten use Grizzly Salmon Oil?

Starting puppies and kittens off with a healthy balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is a great way to ensure proper nutrition that can contribute to a long and healthy life. We recommend using approximately half of the smallest dosage on your puppy's or kitten's food every day. You may want to consult your vet for specific dosages.

Can I give Grizzly Salmon Oil to my cat?

Definitely! Most cats love the flavor of fresh fish and will benefit from it just as much as dogs. Use Grizzly Salmon Oil in proportion to your cat's weight. See the bottle for dosage instructions.

I feed my dog or cat premium pet food. Do I still need to use Grizzly Salmon Oil?

Even premium dog and cat foods may need to be supplemented! The majority of pet foods have inadequate, if any, amounts of unprocessed omega-3 fatty acids, and often therefore need to be supplemented to help keep your dog or cat healthy. Most of the better premium dog and cat foods have about 2-4% omega-6 fatty acids of vegetable origin, even though it may be hard to tell from the label. The same dog and cat foods at best have omega-3 fatty acids (around 0.5%) from flaxseed oil, which are not as readily accessible for a carnivore as omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish. See directions for use.

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